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Integrated Management System

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We specialize in management and monitoring solutions for security and protection of properties which require high level of security.

  • Security

Extremely reliable devices, used to protect shop goods against theft.

  • Resistance

All our products are vandal-proof.

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MECO devices and systems

Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS)

NQ Connect Security systems (so-called anti-theft systems or security gates) is a completely new, digital design of both the transmitter and receiver, opening new…

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Pass Control System

Pass Control System is an easy to biuld and mantain system. Part of the solution comes from Integrated…

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Intercom and Sound Systems

The main task of Intercom and Sound Systems is to provide voice communication between the operator and individual rooms with the possibility of full …

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People Counter (PC)

Specially designed to work with the EAS NQ Connect series, modern people counters (PC) are a natural complement to the MECO Anti-theft Systems offered by EMPEL…

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Integrated Management System (IMS)

Integrated Management System is an “intelligent building” type system, allowing full monitoring and control over all deployed security systems and media utilisation. IMS allows full management of …

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Industrial Metal Detectors - CEIA

Automatic tuning of our metal detectors excludes the possibility of absorption effects of the controlled products. Metal detectors are run by  electronic panels, which allow access to many functionalities …

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Security Metal Detectors

Many years of experience in the production of metal detectors for security applications has enabled CEIA to produce many different versions of detectors in order for you to choose the right one …

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Electromagnetic locks and bolts - COMETA

CoMETA electromagnetic locks and bolts are the highest quality security for doors and windows. They are made of hardened steel, making them extremely resistant to shear and other mechanical damage. …

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Maximum range


  • Dual-antenna, 8,2 MHz

  • Max distance between antennas

    Aura tag, Golf – 210 cm (230 cm*)

  • Class of device

    NQ Connect

  • Expandable

    YES, up to 4 antennas

  • MeConfig configuration


  • Other technical parameters

    Antenna dimensions: 1678 x 470 x 67 mm

MECO - Anti-theft systems


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