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Meco® is a polish security systems brand established in 1995, part of EMPEL Group

Meco® are specialized machines, designed to protect and manage people and property. Our products are used wherever safety and quality are the highest priority. Our devices have excellent technical parameters and modern design. All our products have been designed and manufactured in Poland.

Below are Meco® solutions:

  • Meco® Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) and  People Counters (PC) Systems – high class devices equipped with innovative solutions,  meeting the requirements of the most demanding Retail customers
  • Meco® Integrated Management System –  “intelligent building” type system, allowing full monitoring and control over all deployed security systems and media utilization. System dedicated for institutions, which require high security level (prisons, arrests, hospitals, military units)
  • Meco®Pass Control Systems – easy to build and operate system, managed thru an operator
  • Meco®Intercom and sound systems  – special purpose equipment, designed to be used in prisons and arrests

On top of our offer, our customers have access to solutions of top European manufacturers, of which EMPEL is an authorized sales representative in Poland:

  • Costruzioni Elettroniche Industriali Automatismi CEIA SpA – top quality hand held metal detectors and gate metal detectors. The CEIA brand exists since 1968 and is a synonym of high quality and reliability.
  • CoMETA S.p.A. –  top quality security locks and bolts, designed for specific security usage (in prisons, arrests, banks)

Empel is also delivering other different security solutions not presented on this website. To see our entire offer portfolio please visit our other websites:



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Integrated Management System

  • Expertise

We specialize in management and monitoring solutions for security and protection of properties which require high level of security.

  • Security

Extremely reliable devices, used to protect shop goods against theft.

  • Resistance

All our products are vandal-proof.


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Devices and systems for protection of facilities.

Our offer includes modern design and excellent technical parameters combined with extremely stable operation of the device, used to protect shop goods against theft.

Own technology and research department

MECO has its own development ddepartment employing experienced designers cooperating with accredited research units. All devices manufactured by EMPEL are developed in accordance with applicable safety standards, which has been confirmed by appropriate certificates.

Ongoing work on new products and adapting the design to the high requirements of our clients result in our devices being used by a constantly growing number of customers.

As an addition to our offer, EMPEL offers systems of recognized world producers, of which it is the authorized and exclusive representative in Poland:

  • CEIA – metal detectors
  • CoMETA – electromagnetic locks and bolts

The quality of our products, service support and our own technological and research department allow our specialists to solve any problem in the field of broadly understood facility protection.

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