Sirius SR Mono

Sirius SR Mono

Universal construction of X-Series antenna design enables the adaptation of integrated transceiver technology into a single antenna. Sirus SR combines modern design  with openwork frame, at the same time keeping high detection levels. Manually tuned, proofed technology with high reliability, easy to install and with mutual synchronization of the devices, which makes cabling infrastructure easy. Modern design and materials used for production make it suitable for any environment.

Key parameters:

  • Modern design of X-series antenna
  • New product line AluSlimLine (ASL)
  • Proofed transceiver technology
  • Manual configuration and tuning
  • Synchronization allowing less cabling

Optional features:

  • Possibility to order any color version



Detection parameters:

Type of protection Label 4×4 Label 5×5  Cody Tags  Aura Tags
Max distance between antennas 60 cm 80 cm 90 cm 110 cm

Technical parameters:

Dimensions hight: 1523 mm, width: 330 mm, depth: 40 mm
Materials anodized aluminum profiles, stainless steel
Power 230 VAC, 50 Hz
Weight 8,2 kg

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