Electromagnetic locks and bolts – COMETA

Electromagnetic locks and bolts - COMETA

CoMETA electromagnetic locks and bolts are the highest quality security for doors and windows. They are made of hardened steel, making them extremely resistant to shear and other mechanical damage. They are also corrosion resistant. CoMETA locks and bolts allow over two million open-close cycles to be carried out without any maintenance. They are available in many variants that differ in functions, equipment, maintenance method and power supply voltage. This makes them easy to install and applicable for any purpose. CoMETA locks and bolts are especially recommended wherever safety and reliability are most important. The highest quality, durability and reliability are confirmed by a 3-year warranty, which applies to all CoMETA electromagnetic locks and bolts.

Detailed information can be provided by our consultants or is available on the manufacturer’s website: www.conet.it

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