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NEW! People counter.
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People Counters (PC)

Our People Counters are designed to work with the NQ Connect Theft Signaling System and are a supplement to our broad offer. Network technologies allow the counters to work in one of the 3 modes:

  • Independent counters presenting the results on a LED display
  • People Counters with PC interface
  • People Counters working connected in a network with installed NQ antennas.

All NQ Connect products can be connected to PC directly or thru LAN or internet. CounterView software allows remote management and usage of many statistical data, which can be shared and used for analytics.

Connected to PC and managed thru Counter View or M-Store, allows you to asses sales effectiveness as well as to control the effectiveness of a given advertisement campaign.

M-Store software presentation

New family of MECO products with the AluSlimLine appearance thru speed, precision and comfort in configuration thru the laptop with MeConfig software is allowing the installer remote configuration of all the parameters, which makes it easy even for the less experienced installers.

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