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Intercom and Sound Systems

1. What is the purpose of using Intercom and sound  systems?

The main purpose of the Intercom and sound systems is to ensure communication between the operator and respective rooms. The operator has full control over the communication, especially in case third-parties are involved. Intercom and sound systems include:

  • Intercom system – ensures communication between the operator and respective rooms with the possibility of connecting incoming external phone calls (or phone calls coming from the respective rooms) to intercom panels.
  • Radio node system is used to distribute audio signals (radio, tape recorder) to respective rooms radio node panels. The system allows also to distribute critical announcements from the microphone station to radio node panels (irrespective the local sound level).
  • Voice communication system for contactless visitation rooms – is designed to ensure communication between two visiting persons and one person being visited. Key feature of the system is the constant supervision over the discussion (time and content), with the possibility of interfere or even disconnect if needed.

In the intercom and in the voice communication system in the visiting rooms, there is a possibility of connecting an external loudspeaker or a tape recorder to record the calls.

2. Easy to build and install

The building principle of the Intercom and Sound System is the same as in the Integrated Management System. Building the system involves connecting proper communication and intercom buses as well as radio nodes, patch models and other equipment. Depending on the user requirements the system might be powered locally or centrally. System controllers are installed in modular manner in OB-SZxx type housing. All local equipment is installed in practical electrical switchboards. This approach allows connecting particular subsystems of the Integrated Management System not only as part of the switch gears used but also enclosures of controller boards.

3. Appearance and panel structure

Intercom and broadcasting panels manufactured by us are made of steel sheet and flush mounted. Their front plates, made of polished acid-resistant steel (depending on the requirements) are riveted or screwed to the housing. All the buttons and sockets used in our systems, are damage-proof.

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