Visiting Rooms Control System

Visiting Rooms Control System

It is an audio system that allows visitors to talk with the prisoner in special rooms ensuring no direct contact.

It is adapted to both ordinary headphones with condenser microphones and vandal-proof headphones with carbon microphones.

The control panel can operate up to four meeting rooms simultaneously. Each room can be supervised by another operator or by one person. Due to the modular design, the control panel can be purchased with the appropriate number of control modules depending on the number of rooms it is supposed to support.

Each module allows to:

  • having 2+1 (3 earphones) conversations
  • conversation time registration with automatic cancellation after the scheduled time
  • display of conversation time:
    a) in both parts of visiting rooms (2 clocks)
    b) in the operator’s room
  • joining the conversation by the operator, both in the case of a room directly controlled by the operator as well as in the case of a conversation connected from a room that is connected thru a shared internal bus
  • temporary disconneting the conversation (clock does not get cancelled) and reconnecting the conversation
  • recording on external recorder in one of the 2 options:
    a) directly from a room (1:1)
    b) from any room thru an internal bus (connection n:1)
  • connecting the microphone headphones and listening in, in one of the following modes:

a) directly from the room served by the module.

b) from any visitation room from which the call is switched to the control panel’s common bus.

In addition, an external loudspeaker set can be connected to the control panel, enabling listening to the conversation from the exchange’s common bus.

If necessary, it is possible to connect two control panels with common communication buses, which allows one operator to supervise eight rooms without having to switch headphonesand and recording the selected conversation on one tape.

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