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Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS)

MECO NQ Connect Security systems (so-called anti-theft gates or security gates) is a completely new, digital design of both the transmitter and receiver, opening new possibilities in securing stores against theft. The combination of network technology and unique solutions developed by EMPEL engineers allows us to offer our clients benefits, which are not available in other typical solutions, such as:

  • Interface with other NQ Connect devices and PC; remote, digital and visual data exchange and management thru Counter View or M-Store
  • Online Data exchange
  • Stability and resistance to external interference even when working close to other transmitters, regardless of their type and manufacturer.
  • Full remote maintenance, including changes of the devices thru MeConfig
  • Encrypted connection ensures full security.

Anti-theft systems

The new NQ Connect anti-theft systems are innovative in their configuration. Now, to perform configuration tasks, the installer no longer needs any tools other than a laptop with the MeConfig software which allows:

  • Preview of the system environment thru build in oscilloscope
  • A wide range of adjustments, allowing you to adjust the operation of antennas even in the most difficult environment.
  • Preparing and printing of reports

To meet customer requirements, EMPEL offers its systems with an integrated two-way customer counter. The system is connected to PC and operated from the ConterView or M-Store application level. It allows direct assessment of sales effectiveness as well as controlling the effectiveness of the conducted advertising campaigns. As a result it helps in preparing special promotions at a specific time when the most customers visit the store.

All Meco anti-theft gates are designed and manufactured in Poland.

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