Industrial Metal Detectors – CEIA

Industrial Metal Detectors - CEIA

Automatic tuning of our metal detectors excludes the possibility of absorption effects of the controlled products. Metal detectors are run by electronic panels, which allow access to many functionalities necessary for proper quality control of products. Industrial metal detectors have been designed so that they can locally or remotely work with devices operating in the network. CEIA company offers both detectors (heads) for incorporation into existing production lines as well as entire integrated systems containing a metal detector, table or mounting base, separation system, product transport elements and other necessary equipment.


  • Metal detectors – the main type of metal detectors is the universal THS/STD and his narrowed version TSH/SL used in case of limited space for installing a detector. One type of the above detectors is THS/3F and THS/3L-3F which works on 3 different frequencies in order to avoid material type influencing the detection result. Next one – THS/MN is produced in 2 versions: first one, optimized to detect needle for textile industry and second one used to control products packed in aluminum foil. THS/G is a gravitational detector, designed to work with loose granular materials, powders or liquids. TE/Digit and TE/SL are dedicated to usage in textile industry to look for metal in fabric. TT detector is used to control very fast processes, where material moves with the speed of 40m/s and more. Last 2 detectors: TSM and THS/A are used to detect middle size and large metal pieces.
  • Integrated systems
    THS/PH is a system dedicated for pharmacy industry to control medicines. THS/FB contains a part of conveyor belt and can be integrated with a system used to automatically separate metal. THS/PL and THS/PLV is designed to work with liquids and suspensions. First one is a smaller version, second one has a valve to remove metaled items. THS/FFV is used to control grainy and powder materials. THS/MN has the same application as other detectors with similar code.

All the above metal detectors and systems are characterized by high sensitivity, independent of the speed of the controlled material, and insensitivity to interference that may occur in an industrial environment. They can also automatically adapt to the properties of the tested materials. Metal detectors can be operated via the built-in keyboard interface and a readable display, or remotely via an external controller or computer via the RS232 interface. When equipped with the optional RS485 interface, the metal detectors can also be controlled using one remote computer. They have the ability to program settings for 250 different products, they can count contaminated and all controlled products.

CEIA industrial metal detectors comply with international electrical safety standards (EU) and emission standards EMC, CAA, CE. They also meet additional requirements if the applications for which they are intended require them.

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