The work of the Pass Control System involves operating the system control panel for which all information necessary for the operator is presented in a legible way (using LEDs), such as:

  • all incoming requests to the system,
  • requests currently supported transition status (open or closed),
  • status of intercom or telephone connections (in case of using the AC-MDSP10 intercom module), etc.

Based on this information and data from other subsystems, the operator decides how to handle a given request, i.e. opens the door remotely or refuses access. Additionally, the operator can control subsystems using the control panel independently, i.e. CCTV CCTV system using Control Output Modules EB-MWA16 entry phone system when the control panel is equipped with an additional AC-MDSP10 intercom module.

In the first case, the control panel automatically switches the camera image at the time of the first request and after handling the request in the event that there were another in the queue. In addition, the operator has the option of manually switching camera images using the control panel keypad.

In the case of an intercom system, the operator has the option to:

  • verify the person trying to pass,
  • communicate with any room where the intercom panel is installed (can call any intercom),
  • set up telephone connections with intercoms using the internal telephone exchange connected to the Pass Control System exchange,
  • listening in to rooms with intercom panels and telephone conversations passing through the control panel (option)
  • register intercom and telephone conversations and record on an external recorder (option).

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