Vega SR Mono

Vega SR Mono

One-antenna VeGA system is a continuation of over 20 years of VEGA systems history, price competitive alternative for customers requiring simplicity and reliability. The use of 1.95MHz frequency allows VEGA antenna to achieve high detection level with work stability. In comparison to Sololine antennas, VEGA system is more compact and has openwork construction. This antenna is ideal for clients who does not need security labels, which does not exist for 1.95MHz frequency.

Key parameters:

  • Sololine system successor – 20 years of history
  • AluSlimLine (ASL) design
  • Proofed transceiver technology
  • Lower frequency enabling high work stability
  • Synchronization allowing for less cabling
  • Manual adjustment and tuning

Optional features:

  • Different colors
  • Wider version (+43cm) with 10% more frequency



Detection parameters

Type of protection Cody tag Chico tag
Max distance between antennas 100 cm 115 cm

Technical parameters:

Dimensions hight: 1524 mm, width: 330 mm, depth: 42 mm
Materials anodized aluminum profiles, stainless steel
Power 230 VAC, 50 Hz
Weight 7,5 kg

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